Will your new hire thrive in the face of stress or cripple under pressure? Will they take time to celebrate team successes or immediately shift focus to the next project? Workplace decisions and consequent behaviours stem from the unique characteristics and qualities that every employee brings to an organization. Discovering these personal subtleties is instrumental when recruiting for leadership roles. We understand the impact that an executive or management hire has on an organization. As such, we diligently assess a candidate’s predictive behaviour patterns and their effects on a team through psychometric assessments.

We’re proud to partner with The McQuaig Institute to provide our clients with a suite of scientifically validated assessment tools, which enable top talent acquisition, eliminate the high cost of bad hires, and demonstrate a deep layer of predictive job performance and employee engagement. Recruiting may be an art, but assessing candidates is definitely a science. The McQuaig System has been validated again and again since its founder, Jack H. McQuaig, created his first survey in 1966. Their personality assessments are designed to improve the hiring process by giving you knowledge of the on-the-job behaviours you can expect from a person, before you hire them.